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Welcome to dance and fitness with ric banks dance academy!

Dance or fitness classes in Dubai? Don’t need to choose anymore! Come in to Ric Banks Dance Academy and receive maximum for life, beauty and health! We gathered the best team for you! For those in Dubai who want more results!

Dance, train, live! Stay in shape with our dance and fitness classes.

“We created a really unique studio of dances and fitness in Dubai! These are not the different directions taken in a single building. This is a new, integrated smart approach to dances, sports, and life. The professional team of trainers will help you to achieve the highest results. A diverse training program will never be boring for you!”

Ric Banks – Businessman, founder and ideological inspirer of the studio. He has taught a lot of people the passion of salsa that made them become salsa teachers. Because of Ric Banks Dance Academy, you can lose the extra weight and bring your body to the perfect result. With our team, you will learn dancing, become stronger and improve all life indexes without depending on the level of your preparation!

If you are a beginner, especially for you there are in groups for beginners in Dubai. You can mix dance and fitness classes. This will give you the maximum effect. This is an amazing opportunity to give your body anatomical perfection, get rid of emotional and physical stress, strengthen health, and prolong youth and beauty.

You will find some activities designed for kids too. Karate or ballet, gymnastics or playing the guitar… Call us now at +971 52 292 2356 to get all details about dance and Fitness Classes in Dubai for adults and kids.

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