Ballet Dance Classes in Dubai for Kids

Looking for ballet classes for kids in Dubai?

Loving parents give their kids the best!

The formation of the figure and immune system begins at the earliest age: the kneecaps and the spine are formed only by the age of six. That is why it is recommended to begin ballet classes for children from  3-4 years old, to remove sticking knees, tummies, straighten the back, to set the correct growth of the body to  5-6 years.

Regular ballet exercises for 2-3 years make the figure of the child refined, elegant, beautiful, and the correct performance of exercises allow you to get a ballet twine and learn the basics of classical dance in full.

Doing ballet with a professional teacher from an early age, by the age of 9-12, ballet kids are fully ready to enter a professional ballet school. At the same time, they are healthy and look amazing!

What are the benefits of Ric Banks’ ballet classes for kids in Dubai?

1. Beauty and health. Ballet classes for kids form a beautiful figure and strong a strong immune system for life.

2. The real ballet. In our dance center, only professional ballet instructors with a huge experience of teaching kids.

3. The methodology of the teaching process is developed taking into account the techniques of keeping attention, as well as the physical abilities of the youngest students.

4. Ballet classes in Dubai  available for kids from 3 years old.

In our center the child will get acquainted with the ballet as another form of art, learn to move beautifully, “hold back”, and learn a lot about the classical music that accompanies all our ballet classes. Our goal is to attract, interest, teach and entertain.

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