Private Ballroom Dance Classes in Dubai

Private ballroom dancing in Dubai – is a rich dance experience, modern teaching methods, and a positive attitude – this is our main recipe for success. The advantages of individual teaching can be said for a long time, but one of our main advantages is worth noting – everyone starts to dance with us!

6 benefits that you get by taking private ballroom classes in Dubai in our dance and fitness studio:

1. If in the group, in view of the peculiarities of your perception, you can not grasp something, here the coach will work with you on the result. Repeat as many times as necessary to get the material. Perhaps this is the most important and all-defining plus of private ballroom dancing.

2. As a consequence of the first point – private ballroom classes in Dubai are direct, the most loyal and fastest way to your dance development.

3. For a long time you want to do dancing, but do not know where to find a partner? Private ballroom dancing – is an excellent solution. You will dance with male or female coach during the private class.

4. Do not need to adjust to the schedule of the group, choose a comfortable hall (our studio) and a convenient time for you or the coach can come to your home.

5. If you are going to engage in professional dancing seriously – you will need a scheme (also called choreography). The scheme created for you, under your dancing features and according to the allowed movements in your dance organization. This can also be done only in private ballroom classes in Dubai.

6. You can receive individual advice, work on posture, lines, positions. That’s why our private are recommended for beginners as well as professional dancers.

Our teachers have more than 8 years specialized in teaching dances individually and great experience of studying with very old students and with children.

For inquiries, please call us at +971 52 292 2356. And if you are ready to join ballroom classes – welcome to ballroom dancing in Dubai.

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