Swing Dance Classes in Dubai

Swing classes in Dubai  – this is a new wave. But already now you can find some Swing parties in some venues. It is popular for its simple nature and is often danced to slow, medium, or fast tempo jazz, blues, or rock and roll. You will enjoy the music for sure as it’s a very positive one and gives you some energy that you can express on the dance floor with the partner.

The Swing style originated with music in the 20s – 40s of XX century in African American communities in the USA. The appearance and further formation of the dance were influenced by African Americans coming from the south to the north of the USA. African Americans not only they brought their music, but also their dance culture as well. This led to the fact that American and African American cultures mutually enriched, which contributed to the emergence of many new genres and styles.

Simple movements and ease of execution of elements allow you to dance Swing at any age and with any figure. Dance does not require special physical training – it is open to all!

Lessons for beginners will suit absolutely everyone. Having mastered just a couple of the main steps, you can come up with a lot of different improvisations.

Do you want to learn a new dance? or plunge into a special atmosphere, where the love of music and culture of the past has been preserved? Do you want to learn how to move to the rhythm of music and get a positive charge of emotion? Then swing dance is for you!

Don’t hesitate but just call us to join our Swing dancing at Ric Banks Dance Academy in Dubai, Al Barsha.

AED 200/package of 4 classes.

Duration of the class – 60 minutes.

swing dance